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Privacy Policy

What information do you collect?

Personal Information:

We require personal contact information and vehicle information from our customers. The required information is used to effectively and accurately create, maintain, and display HorseTrailersUSA.com’s vehicle for sale database. The required vehicle information we collect is only that which is necessary to accurately search and display your vehicle in our database.


Currently, the HorseTrailersUSA.com website does not use cookies to track visitor activities on our website. Any changes to that policy will be reflected by a change in our Privacy Policy.

How do you collect information?

Members are requested to submit personal and vehicle information using the vehicle listing services. Credit Card and billing information will only be collected for services that HorseTrailersUSA.com charges a fee for. Users unwilling to pass personal information online for our paid services can choose to work with a customer service representative via phone. All free services require the use of our online registration.

How information will be used?

Resale and Disclosure of Information

HorseTrailersUSA.com is a division of NetSource Media. HorseTrailersUSA.com and NetSource Technologies, Inc. do not sell, share, or disclose any information collected from our visitors with any outside parties other than the transmission of credit card billing information with our credit card processing company.

Privacy of HorseTrailersUSA.com Email Lists

We collect and record personal information in order to maintain email lists. We utilize the emails to keep members informed of the site services, site performance, promotions, and offer information regarding industry related services and products.

User choices in receiving and distribution of information

HorseTrailersUSA.com Email Lists

Dealer members receive periodic emails informing them of special promotions and advertising tips. Dealers who wish not to receive these emails can send a request via email to be removed from the mailing list. Private party members automatically receive an email to confirm their placement on our site and to give them the necessary information to edit and delete their classified ad. Private parties also receive notification of ad renewal opportunities 15, 10, and 5 days before expiration. HorseTrailersUSA.com reserves the right to include third party advertisements that provide additional services to members in the confirmation emails.

Data Security

Personal Information

To protect the member's account information, HorseTrailersUSA.com assigns each member with either a unique user name or password or a unique ad ID number. These unique identifiers are disclosed to the user via email immediately upon joining the RVUSA.com forums or listing a vehicle for sale. Only members have the ability to modify their personal information and delete their ads as needed.

Credit Card Transactions

HorseTrailersUSA.com uses Verisign Certification and secure servers to transmit all online credit card transactions in an encrypted format.

Data Quality and Access

Members may access their information 24 hours a day using their designated user name and password or ad ID number. Members may modify or delete their information as needed.


If you have further questions that were not addressed in the above Privacy Policy, please call NetSource Media at (866) 643-4625 or fill out our contact form.